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Archive of month: May 2018

Reusable Cups

Reusable Cups equals more coffee for your money!

Yay, the message finally seems to be getting through; single use plastic has just got to go!  And we mean sooner rather than later, reusable cups are the way forward! Disposable? Yes. But recyclable? No It is a tad confusing because even though the disposable cups that we all use look like they are made […]
Greener office coffee

One simple step to a greener office space

  The whole green office movement has rocketed in recent years and environmental management systems aimed at reducing the ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of office spaces are now commonplace.   There is even a special week dedicated to it.  Green Office Week, running from 14-18 May,  aims to build awareness of the five […]
Coffee machines at the office

Five ways your coffee machine is saving you money

According to the British Coffee Association, around 95 million cups of coffee are consumed a day in the UK? That’s an awful lot of coffee, keeping coffee machines busy! There is no doubt that we have fallen in love with coffee. Many of us cannot start the day without our favourite latte, cappuccino, Americano or […]