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Office Coffee

- blending in smoothly with all employees -

We carry four unique flavours catering to all tastes and sure to complement any office coffee culture. Coffees that celebrate the past; focusing on tradition, heritage, more hands-on and less automation, to ones that look to our future; carbon balanced, fairly traded and conserving rainforest in the coffee producing countries that conceived it.
ethical coffee
We are a business with a social conscience and that is why we offer the Puro Fairtrade brand within our range of speciality coffees. Money from the sale of every bag of Puro coffee is directed back to the very habitat that conceived it.
Our artisan coffee roasters in Cornwall and Scotland invest time and effort sourcing the best speciality coffees from around the globe, harvesting the beans in season and preserving the quality when they roast.
Italian Coffee
While the cultivation of coffee is thought to have originated in Ethiopia, like so many traditions, the Italians have managed to adopt and perfect it and boy, do they love their coffee! Drinking espresso or coffee in general is practically a ritual in Italy
belgian coffee
Traced back over 200 years to a tiny grocery store in Belgium, Miko is now an international family-owned coffee company with a strong reputation for roasting, blending and retailing the finest coffees.