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FACT: Coffee can help us live longer

Good news in this week from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) confirms what we already knew. Drinking coffee is positively good for us. In fact, consuming up to eight cups a day could boost the chance of a longer life.

The UK study involving half a million people aged between 38 and 74 showed that there is a correlation between coffee consumption and life span with people who drink a lot of coffee living longer than moderate drinkers of the black stuff.

Other benefits of drinking coffee highlighted in the research include a 20% reduced risk of cancer and Type 2 diabetes; a 30% reduction in Parkinson’s disease and a 5% reduced risk of heart disease.

What the connection is remains unclear, although researcher’s suggest it might be that coffee drinkers live longer because they generally have healthier lifestyles and are more active. (The respondents answered questions on coffee consumption, smoking and drinking habits, their medical history and lifestyle).

You are probably wondering how much coffee you need to drink to enjoy these health giving properties. The benefits start to really pile up when you drink as many as 8 or more cups a day, which amounts to half-a-gallon of coffee. That is a lot of coffee!

But don’t despair, last year researchers at the University of Southampton found people who drink three or four cups of coffee every day could significantly reduce their chances of early death.