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Coffee can help us live longer

FACT: Coffee can help us live longer

Good news in this week from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) confirms what we already knew. Drinking coffee is positively good for us. In fact, consuming up to eight cups a day could boost the chance of a longer life. The UK study involving half a million people aged between 38 and 74 showed that […]
Coffee Knowledge

Jargon buster for coffee lovers

If you don’t know your Robusta from your Arabica and think tamping is an Olympic sport then this is for you. Our barista team offer the following guide to some of the everyday and not so everyday coffee terminology. Arabica Coffee Arabica originated in the south western highlands of Ethiopia and typically grows at altitudes of […]
facts about coffee

10 interesting facts about coffee

Who knew? Some insights to ponder over during your coffee break. Lighter roasts have more caffeine than dark roasted coffees. Even though darker roasted coffee has more flavour, roasting the coffee actually burns off  some of the caffeine. Surprisingly, coffee stays warmer when you add cream. Coffee with added cream cools about 20% slower than plain black coffee. […]
office coffee

Why is coffee called a cup of Joe?

If you are anything like me, then the first thing you do when you arrive at your desk in the morning is to head straight to the office coffee machines (and hope there isn’t a long queue).   The rich, warming aroma of freshly brewed speciality coffee wafting through the office is really intoxicating and […]
Yay! It’s coffee o’clock

Yay! It’s coffee o’clock … or is it?

Real coffee enthusiasts are usually of the view that there is never a wrong time to enjoy a cup of their favourite beverage or two.  However, a new study shows that there is a right time of day to get the most benefit from your daily caffeine fix. The United States Army has developed a […]